Sunshines on NHGS Y9 Camp

Every year NHGS staff turn a field into an outdoor centre during Activity Week.


ONE HUNDRED & FIFTY Year 9 students will come through camp and take part in:

  • Rock Climbing
  • Kayaking
  • Caving
  • Hiking
  • MTB
  • Camp craft
  • Archery
  • Axe throwing
  • Orienteering

Some of the activites are run by NHGS staff and some by external instructors, all NHGS staff get stuck into all the activities though!  We set up today and camp starts on Sunday.

Looking forward to spending time with hardworking folk that will give these kids a great experience!  All the best to those involved.  See ya Sunday.

Cycle Budda Life Ep1

Diary of a Lifestyle Cyclist and Tourer

I have several bikes in my shed, bedroom, cellar and conservatory.  All very different.  A carbon race bike that does not get much use.  A fatbike gets more use than the carbon bike.  A steel utility tourer with Rohloff hub and a cross bike in bits.

This morning I jumped on the steel steed and with all the snowy weather we have had recently a lot of salt has been put down on the roads.  When I jumped on it this morning I knew something was not right.  The Rohloff had spun around and the wheel was twisted.  How? I do not know, it was running fine the last time I got off it!  One thing for sure all the salt put down to combat the snow has not helped, even though I did give it a quick rinse before I put it away a few days ago.  I had to hot foot it back to the shed.  Choices, fatbike, no not this time, people might think I was riding it because of the snow and that had all gone.  Cross bike in pieces, Carbon bike, it will have to be even though I really did not want to.  I justified the decision with the fact carbon can’t rust as far as I am aware.  Now, the race bike had been serviced a few months ago and not been ridden since….. Chain Snap eh oh that is easy to fix.

My point…. I came across the saying the number of bikes you should own is n+1, with n being the current number of bikes you already have.

Now I love this.  I constantly look at bike websites and wish I had most of them.  I am not into slick race bikes anymore so I can give or take them.  But any sexy utility, tourer and everyday bike I am all over it!  But due to space I have been on a mission to find the perfect one bike!  Let me tell you I don’t think it can exist if only for the reason you need another bike to jump on to when your current one fails between your legs.  It is a bit like having an AA membership if you own a car.  You need a conveyor belt of bikes to go through in turn.  One you are riding, one in the workshop and two in ready in the shed waiting to go.  So if you are a lifestyle cyclist that needs a bike for commute, shopping and fun I will put a number on five bikes minimum.

Current Bike Project

The Cannondale cross bike that I have has been to battle with cycle touring and was showing the scars from a couple of coast to coasts and the excellent ride back from Spain on the Velodyssey route.  It was an amazing trip.  My partner her nine year old and myself all the way on the coastal route if you want to see beautiful things and jump in the sea then it is a must do tour.  You can see how we got on in previous posts.  Anyway the bike did an amazing job.  The only problem is that the paint work got a bit tatty.  So I have jazzed it up with a metallic purple powercoat which looks cool.


It is also getting built up in a different style.  I am going for SOMA Sparrow bars.  MTB 1×11 shifting and Hydro disc brakes.  Brooks saddle.  It will look the bee’s knee’s when it is built up.  Some stuff is just starting to trickle through, so the tools are coming out.

So far the brakes and BB have come.  The handlebars should be here in the next week.  By the end of next week we should of seen some progress that I will share with you.


NHGS Cycle Fundrasier

Starting on the 15th July forty two teenage students are cycling the Way of the Roses route, coast to coast from Morecambe to Bridlington.  It is 170 miles over some tough hills in the Yorkshire Dales.  The really cool thing is they are carrying their own gear and cooking their own meals.  Being completely independent and showing grit and resilience.  It is the third time the school has done a coast to coast ride to raise money and the student manage to get about £10,000 each time the ride has run.  Please show your support to the students and donate on their Money Giving Page Please share this link with as many people as you can, the students will really appreciate it.


If you are in need of sport eyewear that has removable lens and can be made prescription please consider these specs from Sunwise.


The profit, around £15 for each pair will go towards the C2C ride above.  Please contact:  Stewart Mitchell (Eyecare) LLP, 81 Godwin Street, Bradford, BD1 2SH, Call 01274 723362,

Here to Help

I may be able to assist you in the following ways:

  1. You want to dust off your old bike and commute to work but want to build up some confidence.
  2. You would like a guided tour around Calderdale/Yorkshire.
  3. You want help setting up a local cycle club.
  4. You want to set up and host a cycle fund raising activities/event.

e-mail me at and we can talk about your cycling requirements.  No harm in asking to see what we can do!

Family Cycle Club Update


Due to that orrible weekend it seems a while since our last Family Ride out.  Just a reminder that our next ride is on the 26th Feb.  Starting at the White House pub at 1400.  The ride is about 4 miles all off road so no cars to worry about.  Below is a map of the starting point.  Below that part of the route as the google wont plot the whole thing as the footpath back is not map-able, but basically it just cuts right across back to the start for a pint.  Hope to see ya’ll there.

[googlemaps!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d2364.472821737557!2d-2.0517044846201697!3d53.65637155914548!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x487bc09668ac9361%3A0xf04f89d3f1ab69ad!2sWhite+House+Inn%2C+Halifax+Rd%2C+Littleborough+OL15+0LG!5e0!3m2!1sen!2suk!4v1487409126555″ width=”600″>

Family Cycle Club Moorings to The Shears Ride 29th Jan

The next ride is a real flat route, so if you have been umming and ahhring about getting on your bike this will be a good one to ‘cut your teeth’ and to get you started.

Meeting at the Moorings car park at 1400.  We will ride the canal towards Halifax.  This section is mainly tarmac and the destination is the The Shears Inn at Paris Gates.

The route is 3.6 miles to The Shears where we can enjoy some liquid refreshment before heading back.  3.6 miles back and we will have covered over 7 miles.

Non-drivers can take advantage of another refreshment stop at the end 🙂 If you wanted a real easy Sunday you have the local businesses in Sowerby Bridge to collect a take away and bottle of wine to reward yourself once you get home and get the fire on.

If you want to attend join our group on Strava and click ‘I’m In’ 🙂

Family Cycle Club Advice Ride for Longdendale Trail on the 15th Jan

Some Guidance Advice

To see images of the trail please read my previous post.
  • Getting there is going to take about an hour, so allow enough time to get there for 1400.
  • Use the google map link below and your phone/sat nav should give you a better idea on where the carpark is located.

[googlemaps!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d2373.525005453547!2d-1.8308708489628436!3d53.4948163799123!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x487bd1c5ed5127bb%3A0xc99afee8b40b947b!2sCar+Park+Leading+To+The+Three+Black+Cloughs!5e0!3m2!1sen!2suk!4v1484410135303″ style=”border: 0;” width=”600″>

  • The path is flat but does have some gradients that are shallow and short.
  • The path is very sandy so be prepared for lots of grating and grinding noises coming from your bikes and spray on your clothes.
  • The weather tomorrow is meant to be very wet.  Wrap up to keep warm and dry!
  • Halfway at the turning point we are stopping for tea/coffee/sweets from our van but feel free to bring as much food/drink and bribery food you think your family needs 🙂
  • As you will be getting very sandy/muddy/wet I would suggest bringing a change of clothes.
  • After we have finished the ride and got back to the cars we are going to drive back over Holme Moss and stop at The Fleece Inn for a drink if anyone would care to join us you will be more that welcome.

See you on Sunday 15th January at 1400.

Family Cycle Club Preview Ride for Longdendale Trail on the 15th Jan

Today we did a recce ride for the FCC on Sunday 15th January at 1400.

Getting There
We went right over the tops through Slaithwaite etc and up over Holme Moss which might be the best way if you are coming from the Halifax area.  From Halifax it is about 25 miles / 1 hour.

When you get up and over Holme Moss at the junction at the bottom of the hill turn left towards Sheffield.  Follow this road for a couple of mile and the carpark is a right turning once the road centre marking turns from a solid white line to a broken white line.

The link to the google map is here.

Route Description
This is not a loop, it is a there and back ride.  The total length of the ride is 8.2 mile. After 3.1 miles (out) 6.2 miles (back) we go past a carpark where you can find a toilet should you need to stop.  It took us about 40 minutes to do the 4.1 miles to do the first half, I would image this will be about an hour with little ones.  When we get to our one way distance (half way) there is a main road to cross and we are hoping to offer a cup of tea/coffee and sweet snacks.  Parents should take care with their children when crossing this road.  Then it is just a case of riding the 4.1 miles back to the carpark we started from.  Just as a point of interest the trail follows an old railway line and we ride through what was an old station platform and you can see an old railway tunnel that cuts through the hill and would bring you out in Sheffield if you were permitted to use it.

A video to describe the carpark is here.

The condition of the path is similar to if you were to cycle around Ogden.  It is quite boggy/sandy and for little legs this could be quite tiring.  The path is quite flat but there are some gradients to take you up over and across some roads etc to rejoin the path.  A video here that I filmed to show the path.  The images below will also help show preview the route.

Images of the carpark so you know if you are in the right place.

Images of trail condition

Images of gradients

Images of the views on offer.  Even better without the fog!

This is the road we will need to cross to get to our tea and sweet delights

Some Guidance Advice
  1. Getting there is going to take about an hour, so allow enough time to get there for 1400.
  2. Use the google map link above and your phone/sat nav should give you a better idea on where the carpark is located.
  3. The path is flat but does have some gradients that are shallow and short.
  4. The path is very sandy so be prepared for lots of grating and grinding noises coming from your bikes and spray on your clothes.
  5. The weather Wednesday-Friday next week is forecast to be horrible, but Saturday and Sunday are meant to be nice and sunny.  But it will be cold, make sure you and your young uns are well wrapped up in layers.  If you are used to cycling fast to get warmed up that is not going to happen so make sure you are nice and cosy so you wont mind the slower pace to take in the views.
  6. Halfway round to mark the turning point we are hoping to offer you some tea/coffee/sweets from our van but feel free to bring as much food/drink and bribery food you think your family needs 🙂
See you on Sunday 15th January at 1400.

FCC (Family Cycle Club) 1st Ride

Umm I was awake in the early hours of this morning to the sound of wind and rain bashing down.  I thought this is not going to be a good start to the FCC first ride.  But I know you cannot wait for the weather to be nice in this country or you would stay locked up most of the time.

We had to get up early to drop one of Eva’s friends off that had a slept over.  So by the time we got up to Craggies our feet and hands were already numb!

We got the bikes ready and awaited the Duffy clan.  They arrived with little Minnie and Alfie.  The youngest of our riders being pulled along in a WeeHoo trailer and if you have not seen a WeeHoo they are amazing if you have kids too young to cycle a distance.  They can handle proper rough stuff and single track because they only have the one wheel.  Have a look on this link.

Alfie was performing tricks whilst Minnie was getting covered in layers before she got settled in her chariot.

We got our stuff together and set off in the head wind and rain.  We were determined to make this club a success so we had smiles on our faces.  As we rode along with only the one car to bother us the whole ride we talked about our Christmas and how we could develop the club.  Eva my little stoker on my tandem kept the wheels turning and I felt like I did not have to do a thing.  Good job Eva!  Alfie did a good job on his bike getting up the hills without gears and appreciated the downhills even more.

We did 4.5 miles which is long enough in this weather when you young ones with you that are not pedalling.  But you know what? we were out, in nature, with the family which is what it is all about.

We got back to the van and Rachael had done a beautiful thing by packing flasks of tea, cake, mince pies.  Once we got back to the warmth of a beautiful real fire we had coffee and little shot of celebratory Port.

Thank you to Ryan, Kate, Alfie, Minnie, Rachael and Eva.

The next meeting is 15th Jan at a beautiful location in the Landendale Trail Forest. Please check the route and event details on our Stava Page: and click to state if you are attending and also look at our club website on

Ride advice for tomorrow

Family Cycle Club first ride tomorrow. Some advice if you wish to attend.
1) The ride is starting at Craggies Deli/farm shop at 1000.
2) The first loop is 3 miles and goes back past the start point. So you could end there. If you do the second loop it will be a total of 12.5 miles.
3) If you don’t feel comfortable with your young guns riding on Cragg Road you will might want to just do the first loop.
4) It will be cold and foggy so wrap your kids up well and remember if they are in a trailer they won’t be peddling and will feel the cold even more so they might need a blanket.
5) Some bits are on cart track / bridleways, just a tab bumpy.
6) No shame in pushing.
7) If you tip over in a bog just laugh.
8) I have put some images of the bridleway bits from checking the ride today this fog will only effect you if you do the second loop as you go a bit higher and the weather is going to be similar.
9) The cold and a bit of exercise is perfect for getting rid of the wooly head and holiday blues.
10) You might want to tough it out now so you don’t get called a fair weather rider in the summer 🙂
11) Hope to see you tomorrow with your young guns all groovy and ready for a jaunt.

Sorry For The Delay

Hi there.  Sorry for the delay, but trust me the blog will get busy when I start my tour on the 18th July.  The riding never stops though!

Things have been busy on the bike front.  I have bought a load of gear ready for my summer trip from Canada to Mexico. A lot of what I have been doing in preparation I have just been adding to my Facebook page.  So if you have not yet selected to follow me thorough that media yet it might be something to consider because it is easy for me to put smaller updates through that site.  Things will start to get busy on the Blogger front when my tour starts on the 18th July.   You can also follow my rides through you can get to that page by following the stava boxes on the side of this page.

I have registered on the site to hopefully get across the USA with the generous hospitality of other hosts.  I have sent a few messages out for the 1st quarter of my trip. I have not had any replies yet, so I will keep you posted on the effectiveness of this site.  At the moment though it looks like a lot of camping.

I got a GoPro for my trip and I did some local testing to find the best mounting positions etc.  Below are some videos that I did as a test and one for the comedy value as people think I love my bike too much.

The comedy video as I am told I love my bike too much.
Testing the GoPro on a 52 mile ride round Holme Moss
Testing the GoPro with a snapshot of Calderdale