River Danube Tour Day 5 Cooking on GAS!

Lotte had already been to the bakery and got gorgeous bread. for breakfast when we woke up.  She also told us where you could camping gas from (yey!) – a new Decathelon store had just oopened up in Ulm.  I cannot beleive it has been so hard to find gas – so I bought two.

One thing I still cannot get my head around is the intense heat.  Everyone we speak to says this is unusual for Germany, why now!? I can cope with 26-28 degrees, but 34-40 is just taking the mick.

We arrived at the campsite in decent time toiday after a 50k ride img_20180801_150153

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and have made full use of the bar and restaurant facilities! The campsite is ace and is  very much like the “biker hiker” sites I used in America.

I will leave you with a drunken final thought…..  Please get out there and have some fun!

Gute nacht alle zusammen 🙂

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