Santander to UK: In to Rochefort

We got up at a normal time and the weather was saying 33 degrees today. We have only had a couple of days like that heat. They have mainly been about 24 degrees which is good for cycling. Today has been too hot. My Garmin was saying it was 34 degrees. It is meant to be sunny but cooler again tomorrow.

The route on this part of the trip has been mainly canal banks which have provided a bit of shade in places.

We met a family that were going the route in the other direction with two small children and their dog.

I have put on loads of weight even though we are doing many miles. I do over compensate because the food is so nice!!! soI made a plan last night that all my meals choices will be healthy….. So this morning I had a butter croissant, an almond pastry, for lunch I had apple tart and a can of Coke. Umm, maybe I need to start my good intentions tomorrow!!

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