Santander to UK: Day 5

Last night we had a good feed on pizza and I could not resist a few extra beers cause the ride was hard, hardest I have done. Until today, and when I look at the stats tomorrow is going to be the hardest!! When we set off from Bilbao this morning it was hot hot hot. We found a nice cycle path to get us out of the city. Then it was back on to the road. We ate up some miles today by taking advantage of steady gradients but it was a long day. We stopped off at a Lidl and got some things to eat for lunch at a later time. When we did stop off we had to endure about five cats because Eva was throwing all her food at them, they were cute though!

The miles and the heat kept on coming and the maps were showing a little 2km 8% kicker. Being from Yorkshire I thought it would be a breeze but with nine stone of baggage and 28 degree heat, I was a wreck, Rachael and Eva just kept on going though, these are super tough gals!

We finally made it to our hotel which is lovely and then went out for tea and had the best food of the trip so far. In the restaurant we bumped into three other cycle tourers that we met on the ferry, now this is crazy. They are doing a completely different route, going to a completely different final destination, but we still ended up at the same hotel on one of hundreds of roads going in that direction that has hotels! It was good having a catch up and also good sharing the stories – this is what touring is about. Hearing their tales of the views and the road and the people is just lovely. And when you hear people beeping their horns and giving you the thumbs up on the route and random people giving you iced water when you need it most, you know you are doing something that you will remember and hopefully make you a better person. So many people have commented about the experience Eva must be having and how it is going to benefit her life. So I think it’s keep on doing things differently, do things you think are hard, cause in reality, it is just life!

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