Santander to UK: Day 4

Hardest ride of my life. I have done five of the biggest climbs in the Alps in one day covering 165km it is called the La Marmot route or something like that. But that was a piece of cake compared to dragging a trailer up these coastal passes.

The day started wet and orrible, spirits were a bit low, we wanted it overcast but not wet.

The views were spectacular thought mountain tops covered with cloud.

Rachael just keeps on plugging away. Eva jumps on the Norbit (the tandem) whenever I need a turbo boost!

We stopped for some snacks at about 12, then at about 1500 we were getting ready for more calories and stopped off for a meal. At this point the sun came out and in normal circumstances you would be grateful, but we had some big climbs to do, do I was a tad concerned. And they were not unfounded as it was tough, tough, tough. I love the mountains, but dragging 9 stone extra is blooming difficult! At the top of the first climb we got some good pics and then it was head down to the digs. Rachael and Eva just amaze me more everyday as the only cycling they have done like this is when I dragged them C2C, but even that does not compare. I for one can’t wait till we get to the flat route in France, but you gotta feel so good about yourself when you get to the digs when you have challenged yourself like this!

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