Santander to UK: Day 3

We woke about 0930 on the ferry and got ready for breakfast. I made sure I filled up the best I could as I knew we were in for a lumpy ride today, it is going to be lumpy for the next two days until we get to the French border and we follow the Velo 1 route right up the west coast of France.

The weather was overcast and about 23 degrees. Perfect for us to acclimatise to riding in Spain as my last experience it was about 35 degrees, way too hot for us Brits 😉

I always get a bit nervous on the bicycle when arriving in another country trying to navigate your way out of the city, it is just stop and start, but getting out of Santander was not too much trouble, you always feel better when you know you are on a nice long stretch of road and you can forget about the directions.

Our aim for the next couple of days is just getting to France so we can get on the Velo 1 route. So today, as we did not get off the ferry till 1230 it was just a case of riding with purpose. But Rachael and Eva are brilliant. Rachael does not do any cycling or exercise but she loads up her bike with panniers and just rides! And like I say this was thirty off very hilly miles and it does not seem to bother her. She is a super star!!!

My Garmin was telling me we had about five miles to go and I was running low on energy at that point so I was pleased as that meant about 30 mins riding. When it got to 1.5 miles to go I was like phew, but then we went around the corner and for the last 0.5 miles we had a vertical wall to get over. It went on and on and on, but we did it and after the hotel locked our bikes away and showed a us to our rooms we rewarded ourselves with some very large beers.

After a shower it was straight back down to the bar for tea.

As I write my blog, Eva is reading to Rachael on the bed next to me and we will get to sleep in a bit to prepare ourselves for all the treats a cycle tour day can throw at us tomorrow.

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