Santander to UK: Day 1&2

We are riding from Santander to the UK. I am on a tandem with Eva loaded with panniers, but when she gets tired she can hop in the trailer that we are towing and Rachael is riding her own bike with panniers.

So we got ourselves down to Plymouth and the weather was shocking, torrential rain and I was just hoping that it was not going to be the same the next day when we had to load up our bikes and get the ferry to Santander. But for the time being we just had to worry about the evening and that was a meal at a restaurant to celebrate our trip. The restaurant was called The Greedy Goose and apparently it was previously owned by the Tanner brothers, whoever they are? :). They had sold it to one of their chefs and he himself has been a finalist on Masterchef. It was a bit show boaty, but the food was nice and the price was not too bad. We walked back to the hotel and got ready for getting the ferry the next day.

When we woke the next day it was blue skies. What a relief as I was dreading loading the bikes in the rain and then waiting in a ferry queue for an hour, just to really soak things through! But that fear could be out aside as it was a lovely morning. The bikes got loaded and we did a loop around the park to make sure everything was sound.

I just did some tweeking of the brakes and tires but then the tandem rolled nice and easy. We made our way to the ferry but we had a few hours to kill so we stopped at the nice dockside restaurant called The Dock.

We had lunch and I had three ales to get me in the holiday mood. The ferry terminal was the restaurant so we did not need to ride anywhere after our lunch stop so everything was ok to have a beer. We joined the queue and boarded the ferry. Got some more drinks, some food and in bed for nine. It is going to be a big day tomorrow, navigation of Santander.

Riding 33 miles over quite hilly terrain and I am in the tandem pulling a trailer so it is going to be hard. Night night.

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