C2C Staff Ride

On the 9th of April until the 13th of April the staff at NHGS route are doing a recce of the C2C route we will be undertaking with forty students in July.  Every Easter we always go off on a mini tour.  In the past we have hiked the three highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales, but we cycled between them.  We have done a couple of Tour d Yorkshire routes and also cycled to Belgium to take in some cobbled classics.  For this trip we thought we might as well kill two birds with one stone have fun and also do a H&S plan for the route with the kids.  As we normally like to do quite a few miles to keep us from the refreshments until a suitable time of day we have also prepared some extra loops just in case we get to the digs too early.  I have also included the extra loops we will be doing below as well.
On Day One this is our route.
This is the extra route if we need it.
This is Day Two.
This is the extra for Day Two.
This is Day Three.
The extra loop for Day Three.
And our final day!
Please donate to our NHGS Sports Hall fund. Forty teenagers riding Coast 2 Coast in July. The link is below.

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