Austria Skiing

We set off by coach from Halifax to Innsbruck where we stopped in the Hotel Dollinger.  It is a three star hotel but has lovely rooms and facilities.  The food is beautiful and there is plenty of it.

The drive took about 24 hours, but did not seem that bad.  Most managed to sleep fine during the night so in the morning everyone was perky, but that could also of been the excitement of seeing the mountains and the anticipation that we would soon be on snow.  When we got to the hotel we sorted our bags and rooms, had showers then we had a walk around the beautiful city.  There were a couple more nights when we would have a wander into the old town and it was nice seeing it in different sunlights.
On one evening we went bowling which was good fun and the students had some time in a swimming pool when we had finished on the slopes.
But the main event, what we were there for!  The skiing.  The slopes at Seefeld very much cater for the beginner/intermediate skier which was perfect for me and our group.  We had three instructors distributed between the thirty of us which worked out fine even though some groups were bigger than others.  The slopes are mainly blue and red with a couple of black runs slung in.
Weather wise we had one day of drizzle a cloudy day and a couple of days when it was blue sky glorious.  It was warm.  The snow was good though, it froze during the night which made the first run a bit tricky but after the first hour it started to soften and confidence would build again.  On the last night we had snow fall so we arrived on the slope to powder which made a lovely change.
Innsbruck is about a twenty minute bus trip to Seefeld but you can stop in the town of Seefeld if you wish.  When we drove through the town looked lovely and traditional and there was plenty of accommodation if available if you think it is better to be nearer the slope.
It was an amazing trip and Andrea my instructor brought my skiing on once more so I am looking forward to my next ski trip which is over New Year and we are going to Trysil, Norway, bring it on!

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