Snowdon – Two Days Camping

Thought we would get away and do two days camping and walk Snowdon whilst we were at it.

The weather was poor at times and there was no view what so ever at the top.  

This is a breakdown of the images.

The view of Snowdon from base camp the day before we walked.

The campsite was in a beautiful location right beside the lake and had all the facilities you would ever need.  They provided picnic tables and fire pits for all the tents.  If you want to visit the site go to this link.  

This was the view of the lake, about 30 metres from our tent.  You could camp right beside the waters edge if you wanted, but there was a few tents around there by the time we got to the site.

Our little two man tent.

Starting to walk up to the pub for our tea on the first night.

Walking up Snowdon after a night of non stop rain.

A sun angel that was projected down in the valley with the sun behind me, was very surprised my phone captured it.

Had to take the images on the way down as the summit was in the clouds all day.

On the way back to the campsite in the evening we saw a beautiful sunset.

The sun still setting back at camp over the lake.

The sun almost gone for the night.

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