Day 36: Canada to Mexico

Day 36:  Cycling Canada to Mexico
From Long Beach to San Clemente
48 miles
When we got to our warm showers host last night we had our showers, washed our clothes and because we had the house to ourselves and we did not want to go routing through cupboards we used our stoves on the garden table to cook our tea.
Because of the heat you really feel like you get that beautiful sleepy tiredness that only comes when you have spent a good day in the great outdoors.  Because of this we were ready for bed at about 2100.  
We were sort of turning in for the night when Karen came home and it was nice to make our introductions that night.  
Karen showed us some videos that her partner Carl had made on his trips.  He is currently touring round all the grass green bowling clubs in the USA.  He has a few more weeks to go before he is back home.  Carl is not that up on technology so Karen updates his blog and documents his trip from home.
In the morning we tucked into some beautiful food that Karen had brought home the night before, she introduced the lads to Vegimite.  Now these lads are self confessed hunan trash cans, but I think they even found their limit with the Vegimite 😉
We completed the journal for Karen and Carl and we were guest numbers 37, 38 and 39.  WOW!  Thank you so much guys!
We had our photo taken with the statue outside, it is of a 50’s health guru, I forget his name now, Jack  his is first name……..
We set off and it was hot beaches all day long, beautiful.  We went through Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Dana Point and Capistrano Beach before arriving in San Clemente.  We had our lunch at a burger place in Newport it was really nice.
When we got to the campsite we set up and I had to start using up some of the food I have left because this is the last night of camping.  So I had pasta with pesto and tuna,  but with dried fruit and nuts.  It was bloody gorgeous!
We walked down to the beach to see the sunset.  Now I know we will probably see the sunset in San Deigo before we all part ways, but this one was nice.  It was just me Eugene and Gab on a rock in this small town called San Clemente.  We just stood and watched all the different colours unfold before our eyes.  I could not help think how this is just as beautiful to witness as the Northern Lights but we take it for granted because everyday the sun comes up and goes down.  We stood there not saying anything for quite a while.  Then Gab started wondering if he was dreaming because it felt so peaceful.  Then we started taking about the trip and how it seems like it is a new way of lfe.  When I think back to the first day, leaving Vancouver in the rain, wondering what the hell I was doing, that seems like about five years ago, it feels like it was a different person that set off that day.

On the way to watch the sunset Eugene asked me if I was feeling nostalgic about the trip.  I said I would probably start to feel sentimental on the last day or when I am flying home on the plane.  We made our way back to the tents over some sand dunes.  Getting into my tent Eugene is playing soothing chords on his guitar.  I turn to him and say, “Eugene now it feels nostalgic!”.  

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