Day 33: Cycling Canada to Mexico

Day 33:  Cycling Canada to Mexico
Arriving in Ventura
40 miles
I got up really early as normal and even though we could of had a lie in I got up and Carl must of heard me and though he would do the same.  We left Eugene and Gab on the boat sleeping whilst we went for breakfast.
The boat was going to fuel up across the harbour so we knew it would not be there when we returned and that Eugene and Gab were going to be taken on a little trip.
I had the eggs benidict again and Carl went for a breakie burrito, it was huge.  We are both complaining about the mass we are accumulating but at the moment we are reluctant to do anything about it.  Just enjoying too much at the mo.  When I get home I will sort it out.
We knew we had a short day today.  The only reason we are doing short days at the moment is for two reasons.  Carl leaves LA on Sunday so we don’t want to get there too early and also we are meant to be meeting some people tomorrow in Malibu for a beach party so we did not want to get there too early.
We got to this campsite McGrath and it was closed.  We thought damn blast and we were a bit put out by the fact that we would have to go an extra 20 mile.  Not a problem normally, but we just thought in our heads it was the end of the day and we had stocked up on sweet delights etc.
Anyway, we spotted some people in the ground and asked if we could stop and they said yes as the site closed two weeks ago for political reasons we would not be charged…… SO get this guys we have a whole campsite, beach, showers, toilets to ourselves.  It feels like I am in one of those zombie movies and we are the only survivors. 

We went down to the beach and in all directions nothing, I was lying down sleeping, Carl was flying a kite, Gab was skimming stones in the sea and Eugene was playing his guitar.  The strangest day of my life, but SO SO SO cool.  Like I say it feels like we are the only people alive.  I feel like a teenager again and everything is just so exciting, you don’t know what is going to happen from one day to the next.  All you know is that it will blow your mind, energise you and it will be one of the best days of your life!!!!

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