Day 32: Canada to Mexico

DAY 32:  Cycling Canada to Mexico
Day off in Santa Barbara
0 Miles / 0ft assent
Today we all had to be off the boat at 0800 as it was going out on a day trip.  I have to admit it was not that easy and Carl felt the same as we had a bit of a big one in Santa Barbara that night.  The atmosphere was buzzing, the food was beautiful and we had good company.  So we did not get in until 0100.  We had a gorgeous sleep though and sometimes you could feel the boat gently sway.  It was peaceful and calm, just what was needed after the night on the site with the homeless people.
I thought I would feel rough all day, but surprising after I had eaten my eggs benidict for breakfast and the unlimited amounts of coffee it all came together.
We went to the beach and I jumped straight in the sea and that was the final thing I needed to feel alive again.  I then had an hour or two kip and it was so amazingly refreshing I felt wonderful.  
We both went back to the place where we had dinner the night before and had a couple of pints with a sarnie before we headed to State Street (the main strip) to check out some bike shops.  We then moved to the pier and got a massive ice cream.  I have put so much weight on during this trip it is untrue.  As I have not been to a gym my arms have virtually disintegrated, but my calves are about twice the size they were before.
When the boat came back in we met up with KG again and he said it was fine to stop another night.  So we met Eugene and Gab there and put our stuff back on the home for the night.
KG asked me to go buy some beer as he had a busy day on the boat and that was the least I could do for allowing us two nights in the coolest city on a boat with everything.  People would pay hundreds to do something similar.
We then went out for tea with KG, Ash and another friend of theirs that was travelling the coast.  Carl and I continued the night with a couple of more drinks before we headed off back to the boat at about 2300.  Carl gave me a really nice compliment when we were out.  He said that he is a type of guy that would have just done the campsite thing, but he said I am good at meeting people and getting things done, which is how I like to think of myself really, which was cool that I am living up to my own expectations.  

We would also have the lux of a lie in as the boat is not being used for any trips.  COOL.

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