Day 31: Canada to Mexico

Day 31:  Canada to Mexico

Lompoc to Santa Barbara

55 miles

We got up early because some homeless people kept us awake until about 0200.  These were quite normal people except for the fact they told complete lies.  They all reckoned they owned big RV’s that were in the body shop and they were ex professional surfers and the best one was a guy who believed he was the long lost brother of the queen!!

Anyway we had breakfast quickly and headed off on our bikes.  Todays ride took in the last big hill of the tour so we celebrated at the top with a sneaky little tipple of whisky.

We got into town with no idea where we were going to be stopping so I looked on the hotel websites and the warm showers site.  I managed to find a hotel for 68 dollars for the night divide by four would of been nothing anyway, but just as I was about to buy the room the response from KG the warm showers guy came through.

He works on a big boat that takes tourists out for day and multiple day trips around the islands.  It also gets used for research purposes like tagging whales etc.

It is really nice, 50 bunks, showers, WC, massive kitchen and living areas.  We hooked up with KG at the community bike shop were he does volunteer work and he took us to a brewery tasting room for some real ale.  Then we went back to his boat to get showered and ready for the night out.

We went round some bars and got a beautiful meal.  Me and Carl got back to the boat at about 0100 in the morning.  We had to be off the boat for 0800 this morning as it is going out on a day trip.  We have arranged to do some kayaking and beach sleeping before we meet KG again when the boat comes back and we are going to stop another night.  Excellent!

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