Canada to Mexico Day 27

Day 27: Monterey to Pacific Valley
70 mile / 6000 ft Accent
WOW WOW WOW!!! We had a good ride today, but first let me tell you about last night.
We stopped at the hiker/biker site in Monterey and the site was lovely but there were a few homeless people using it when we set up which was not a problem. As I think I have already told you, me and Carl went to get the best burger on the planet and Carl OD’d on pudding.
We got back to the site and Gabryel Lemay and Eugène Gendron-de Vettewere set up and having tea. There was also another couple that we have got friendly with David and Maddie. They are really cool. Riding from San Fran to San Diego. David has done a lot of touring before and it is Maddie’s first time and she is loving it. They have invited us to a beach party when we get to Malibu Beach. Can’t wait for that!!!
Anyway when we got back we were tired from the days ride and went to bed. That is when it all went a pear shaped, all night long there were more homeless joining the pitches right next to us, they all seemed very nice, but they were making a lot of noise and arguing within themselves right until about 0400 in the morning. The good thing is that cause they were making all the noise it kept the racoons away.
Me an Carl got up really early and left to meet at a supermarket (Safeway) we were not hanging around to make breakfast because we had forgot to stock up. I did not know there were too ways out of the site, but Carl had picked up on this with the instructions the day before. So when I was at the store I phoned Carl to ask how we are not together and I had gone to the wrong store 5 miles away. By the time I corrected my error and met the boys I had done 6 miles more and 1200ft of accent. Don’t worry the day got a lot better.
We knew we had a hard ride over some big hills around Big Surr so we said this needs to be paced properly to make it fresh. We stopped at the Big Surr Info Centre for lunch and as I was leaving on the iPod came the The Thrills, Don’t Go Back To Big Surr. I did not plan it it was on random. How crazy out of about 6000 songs that came on!!
Anyway, tonights accommodation is a warm shower host. We said we would be there at 1700 and we got to his at 1655. We paced this ride like pro’s. Everyone knew a job had to be done and we did it in style!!! Arriving pumped, fresh and in the zone, I don’t think I have had a better day on a touring ride in my life. Beautiful scenery, amazing banter (Eugene) being cool trying to jump on a pole but falling on his ass in front of loads of people made me laugh by sides silly.
Our host tonight is Richard Martin and his hospitality has been amazing. He has stuffed us full of pasta, ice cream, sorted us out with goodies for our ride. We have done our laundry, we have wifi. He said he is going to make us waffles for breakfast. I cannot state enough how generous all the warm shower hosts have been. Richard is the fifth one we have used on this trip and I am completely over whelmed by how cool people can be. Oh yeh, he has the same Pink Floyd album cover as my jersey but as a massive picture on his wall. COOL!
About 5 miles from the end of tho ride I bumped into Jesse. The guy I saw a couple of weeks ago. He was at the end of the Trans America tour and just decided to add on a few miles, he was going in a different direction so the fact I saw him was strange. I said to the boys, I am sure that is Jesses bike and it was. We had a chat, I told him that his tattoos inspired me to get mine done. He was like that is so cool and took a picture of it. Good meet up.
TODAY WAS AMAZING!!!!! We knocked the hell out of the miles like biking gods.

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