Canada To Mexico day 20


Been a couple of days since my last upload and the images have to a bit mixed up.

Last night had the cool night with my homies, Carl, Eugne and Gaybrel.  Good night

This morning they made me eggs which was really cool.  Loving my road family so much!

I had an idea for a tattoo to remember my trip a few days ago.  I passed this guy called Aaron Rome.  He told me about his aunts shop that I was passing through in Fort Brag.  Initially I was trying to think of a tattoo that would take in all the tours I have done in England, Scotland, Wales, France.  The stuff with my guys, Robbo, Jerve, Nic, and Roger.  But Aaron told me about the Americana style, the Memphis Belle type stuff and that just sounded so sexy to me.  So I thought, yep, what better way to celebrate the West Coast than to have an Americana style tattoo.  So I headed to his aunts shop in Fort Brag called Triangle Tattoo.  Can I just say, this morning, I don’t know whether it was the beer from last night or the thought of hitting the coast again, but I was riding like a man possessed, I felt so strong it was untrue.   I also had the biggest climb of the trip, which I can do with my eyes closed. I love long continuous climbs, it was the up and downs afterwards that and mess you up.  I can sit on a long climb all day long!

Anyway, got to my tattoo place and told them my idea,  Redwoods, surf and a Memphis Belle chick on a surf board.  My man Chisel drafted it out and wow, really cool.

I did not know how painful it was going be, the first 10 mins I was like how the hell am I going to put up with this?  But after my boy Shaler gave me a sugar drink I came round and was ready to tackle it.  But everyone that came in shop was like “Oh my god your first tattoo and your doing this!”  Madam, came round the corner and she said ” You are takin this like a man, this would normally be 3 to 4 sittings.”  and my best quote was from this big guy and he went “hey, you are going big or go home, right!”  You know if your from Yorkshire, we rock it!!

Now, I am sure you know by now, if I do anything at all, it always has to be big.  After getting the tat done.  I went and got some beers with these guys, really cool night!  It is not until you get off the tourist route and chill with the people and you get to know what it is about.  I am meeting so many cool people.  I feel so glad that I have had this opportunity!!

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