Canada To Mexico Day 19

Well we set off and did our steady 50 odd mile.  All the days are blurring as one and if I don’t do the blog straight away I can’t remember what actually happened that day, it is crazy!
But lets just say we got to the campsite and it is the best campsite so far.  The biker/hiker section is massive and you have so much space.  Me and Carl got there early cause we set off first thing with some purpose.

We set up our tents and our lunch, yeh we got there that early! had showers.  Now this was the first state park that had a bar across the road.  So I said to Carl “come on I am treating us to a pint.  When we got over the road my Canadian buddies where in the shop.  I said to them “come on my treat”.  A few jugs of beer later, food etc,  I can’t remember leaving the place.  It was a top night. A proper good laugh.  When you get the opportunity to let your hair down, you gotta do it.  Eugene said when we get to San Fran the beers and food are on him.  Sounds like a good deal to me.

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