Canada to Mexico day 18

Well after a cosy night at the WarmShowers hosts Bob and Marianne’s, we woke up and there was a nice breakfast selection waiting for us.  We had cereals, various bagels with toppings tea/coffee.  We had some photos taken with them and it is a really nice way to remember the very kind hospitality they gave us.  And Elvis the dog is the complete chicken, so cute!!!!
We set off and that morning sea fog was with us, but that soon changes when you come in land a bit which todays route takes us.  
So we left the town called Eureka and on route I saw some lovely chicken cows and a goat called Bling.  Now if you know me, you will know that I think goats are the cutest, funniest animals.  They are so stubborn and Bling was just gorgeous, I wanted to give him a right wrestle he was that cute.  But his owner a young boy thought I was strange enough already.
We went through a town called Ferndale which has a victorian style, it was very pretty.  We stopped there for a morning break.  I had my soy milk latte and Carl has a love of milk shakes so our cravings were satisfied.  After losing a little bit of weight my calorie intake has gone up again, so I need to watch out for that and be good again! 
Our route took us on the Avenue of the Giants, so we saw them remarkable trees once more.  Our campsite is in a beautiful location right in the middle of this Giants State Park, and the cost was just $5 so another very cheap night.  To get here we did 52 miles today.
We are 223 miles from San Francisco where we hope to spend a couple of days.  We have decided to take our rest days in San Fran because we wanted a few days their anyway, so it is a case of two birds one stone.  The French Canadian dudes joined us on this site, which made realise that it probably better to keep it a steady 50-60 miles each day because when we did the 110 miles we did a 30 the next day.  But it is always good to say you did a century on any trip, so we ticked that box.
I have to say I am really looking forward to getting to San Fran, it is another landmark of the journey.  I will then be starting map 4 of 5.
We have a normal steady day tomorrow then the day after we have the longest continuous climb of the trip at about 1800ft  But an uphill is just a flat but a bit slower, so no problem 🙂

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