Canada to Mexico Day 17

We stopped at a very beautiful campsite last night at Elk Prairie.  It was small and we had a lot of space, so much so you could not see another pitch really.  Carl and I found a little spot under some berry trees.  The berries looked like blue berries, but you know the rule, if you are unsure, do not eat. We got there last so it was shower, food and bed.

In the middle of the night I heard these foot steps outside the tent.  They were from a large animal because I could hear it stopping around and you could tell it was snapping branches off the berry trees.  I could tell the sound was coming from more than one direction, so there was more than one.  I don’t think it was a bear and the fact we were in a campsite that had signs around about Elk and it was called Elk and the fact people ask us if we saw Elk, I am sure I heard Elk.  Whatever it was it kept me awake for a couple of hours until I got used to it and felt less fear.  But just in case it was a bear I ate all the mints I had in my pocket at the same time so it could not smell them 🙂  Or that is the excuse I needed to eat them anyway.

I woke up at about 0800 which is quite late for me and jumped into action.  carl said that he waited to hear noise from my tent before he also sprung into action.  I made my oatmeal in the morning, with the trail mix and honey that I had in my bag, it was gorgeous!

We said goodbye to the students that we met at the digs the night before and went on our way.  We wanted to make Ferndale, but it was becoming apparent that our milage was incorrect and it would of been a lot further to get there.  in this stretch the state campsites are a bit thin on the ground, just for the next 50 miles or so, but we had to make a decision.  Whist Carl was buying and fitting a new bottom bracket, he went posh with Chris King.  I used my WarmShowers contact in Eureka.  Bob and Marianne, lovely couple, showed us to our room, showed us the bathroom and made a beautiful meal.  The first time I have had artichoke and it is really really nice.  Bob and Mariannes company was spot on and the couple of beers handed out were very welcome.  Bob and Marianne, thank you so much for opening your house to us, it was a lovely evening.

Today we did about 60 miles although I forgot to turn my Garmin on so 10 miles or so are not logged.  It is really strange how we are calling 60 mile days the easy days.  We think we might need a rest day as we have not had one yet.  We will get one soon.    

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