Canada to Mexico Day 16

Today we went from Crescent City to Elk Prairie Campsite.  The total ride was 67 miles but we did a bit of a detour off route 12 miles there and 12 miles back to where we started from.  The reason being the guy in the tourist information told us about a little track which takes you up close and personal with the giant Redwoods, so we thought it was worth a visit.
They were just spectacular to see, they have been there for thousands of years and you can’t help but think about the stuff these trees have had to endure through time.  I was told that when the trees die they will probably keep standing for about another 150 years before they come crashing down. You can see lots of evidence of that when we got off the bikes and had a title walk around on some trails.
The trails took us down (me and Carl) to a beautiful slow flowing river.  It had little spots where a few people were swimming and paddling.  The water looked so clear, we cold not resist sticking our feet in as well. For lunch we made some meat and salad sarnies which were lovely and we finished off with some fresh cherries.  On the route we bumped into the boys from last night and they have joined us at the same campsite.  We got here late though so it was just a case of putting up the tent, getting a shower and making tea.  As it was getting late and dark the easiest think to do was just to heat up some chilli and rice.  It was nice, wolfed it down and I am in my tent writing this blog.
I have stumbled upon my new favourite treat at the moment, after a soy milk hazelnut latte, some little cinnamon mints called Altoids.  only 0.5 cals per a mint, gonna bring back a box full.
From the street an attractive girl shouted “He’s so cute” We could not work out whether it was intended at me or Carl.  If it was me, the next time it happens I am going to have to think of a better quick witted response than looking up in shock horror and nearly crashing in to a barrier.  The English accent is going down well here, we got a coffee and a smoothie bought for us last night, think it was just USA marketing, but I am not going to turn down a soy milk latte.
The campsite we are in is one of the more quiet ones, Me and Carl have a patch on its own, you get your own fire pit, bench and box to store your food to keep it from the bears.  But trust me if the bears want it they can just take it.  I think I would hate more the sound of a bear trying to break in to a metal cage.
Today we had a big climb two in fact.  The first was a 1500ft and the second about 1000ft.  Just before the second we stopped at a shop and I got some trail mix and some coke.  I swear you not, give me some coke and I could ride up K2 on my back wheel, it defo does something magical to give me a boost just when I need it. 
We are going to try and do a 70 miler tomorrow to takes us into Ferndale.  I said if we make Ferndale we should have a treat of a proper restaurant meal with a couple of pints because we will have gained an extra half day and we have some very big hills just after.   Ferndale is meant to be a lovely little town as well.  So the perfect place to splash out a little bit.
Well I hope you enjoy the pictures of the trees, in the flesh they are very big beasts and you just take a look around and the sun is beaming through the branches it looks good.  By the way ET and Star Wars have all been filmed in these forests.  

Just before we got into the campsite about 5 mile away, Carl shouts to me “Did you see that snake?”.  I said “which snake?”.  “The one you nearly rode over that was about a foot and half long”.  Was the reply.  Missed it! 
BTW to view the blog of Carl the dude go to

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