Canada to Mexico Day 15

Well, after doing at least 55 miles a day, normally more and yesterdays 107 miles we thought it would be quite a relief doing the 30 miles into Crescent City to meet the next WarmShower host that was putting us up in a church.  This one is a little different to the others, as it turned out to be more like a dorm situation.  But me and Carl thought we would have the place to ourselves all night.

The 30 miler felt like an all day ride because our perceptions are all messed up.  Because we have been doing long rides everyday, no rest days, in your head you think 30 miles will be a 10 minute affair, but if you cycle with luggage you know that it really means three hours of work.  We smiled as we did it anyway.  The morning fog was in so it was hiding the sea views today.  We needed the early finish as today was a day to sort out the route and the attractions that we need to see over the next stretch as we have just entered California, leaving the beautiful state of Oregon behind.

We found an amazing deli that did gorgeous sarnies and coffee and we are going to head back their this morning for breakfast.  We are getting to some really hilly ground in the Redwoods and a bit further on, so we need some proper energy. I starting to lose weight now which is a big relief, I thought it was never going to happen! 

Last night when we came back from the supermarket and from doing some laundry we could see the church lights were on and we thought what the hell is going on here.  Some lads from England were desperate for somewhere to stop so they got on WarmShowers and called Katie the host.  They were young English lads newly graduated.  Bang goes our quiet evening we thought.  As you can imagine, the testosterone etc, some people, strangers, have just invaded our patch, the patch that we thought was ours.  Now we have all been in that situation where you are weighing each other up.  And these guys are lovely, I am sure it was mainly on my part being the sceptical 40 year old.  They were making effort offering us beer and food and being interested in the bikes.  But I was not playing early on, grumpy old man.  Later as I let my guard down, we started to share a few beers and food and they really are a top set of youngsters, I am sure they won’t mind me calling them young.  They do sound like proper Hugh Grant lads and they said their accent has got them lots of freebies on route.  So in the end up it was a really good night, nothing crazy just a couple of beers each and some stories of our exploits so far.  So the moral of the story is, try not to be grumpy, and if someone offers you a beer, TAKE IT!

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