Canada to Mexico Day 14

So today we got up early about 0630.  It was a little sad because we were saying goodbye to our rolling community for the last time.  The French Canadian dudes were up to take pictures and Mark was taking pictures.  It was the last time we would see them because we are breaking the standard milage that we have been doing.  Everybody was managing 50-60 miles which meant we always near enough ended and the same site.  With us putting in this mammoth day today we are going to be a couple of sites ahead of them.  So after the pictures we rolled out.  The books and maps told us about the big hills at the start and they were not telling porkies.  
On these roads we were met by a group of about fifty US cyclists on a nine day tour of the area,  They were all on race bikes and had no baggage,  they were being supported by a couple of vans carrying their stuff and even spare bikes. As they went passed we engaged in some good conversation they were being really nice, as per all the people I have met so far.  They loved my Pink Floyd cycling jersey and they were all singing songs as we rode together.  
The girls keep on calling Carl and myself studs, it means something different over here.  So yeh we have been called studs and one girl even said we were “so bad ass”.  I know that also means something different in the UK, normally told to people the night after a dodgy curry.
We got to another cheese and ice cream factory and could not resist.. The ice cream was beautiful and they did an amazing cheese with cranberry, Carl also thought it was cool and he just had to buy some of that as well.
I went to the post office to ship some things back that I was not using to lighten the bike.  That was not a cheap thing to do, but it feels better knowing I am not dragging stuff around that will weigh the bike down.
We plodded on and had a beautiful picnic lunch at a spot that over looked the sea. 
We carried on some more and we did 107 miles, 5200 ft about of accent, can’t remember the exact accent.  But it was more that that.  I have done a few century rides and even a 220, but this was the sweetest carry about 2-3 stone of bags with you.  You gotta know how to pace it to do something like that and we arrived at camp fine.  Well the legs were ok, it was just the ass.
The views today as always were crazy.  I say views, it is just constant, it just keeps on rolling passed without ant breaks.  It is mental when you look at the size of the beaches, the size of all the rocks, they are huge.  I know you can’t tell from the images how big they are until you see a person in the picture walking on the sand with one of these monster rocks in the background.  The most magical thing about it is the fact you might, and I mean might, see one or two people walking around.  There is no Linkeker Bars showing crappy football, no English Pub signs, no people rolling around.  Just amazing views. 
I got to camp and the main priority was tent and food.  I made pasta with tins of sardines with hot sauce.  It was amazing.  Had a shower then a hot chocolate. I have just drank that about ten minutes ago.

Tomorrow we hit the border, another marker in the huge journey.  I will then move on to Map 3 of 5.  So that means when I am mid way through this map it should be close to half way!

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