Canada to Mexico Day 13

Today was a late start cause of the drinks round at Jennifer’s pitch, which I say late,I mean we rocked out of camp at around 1100 instead of 0700.  
But the fog has gone and it was a nice steady 60 odd mile ride.   We stopped off at Rockport at this beautiful deli, I got a salmon and cream cheese bagel, a scone with orange chocolate chips and a SOYA MILK HAZELNUT LATTE, if you know me, you know this is my heaven.  She made everything herself and if was gorge.  West Coast food is spot on.
We made camp and look at the pictures to see how beautiful the campsite is, right on the beach again and the last two have been a dollar cheaper, five dollars each night and these sites are in the most amazing places.  Fire logs for the night cost you five dollars and the showers etc are all very nice.
I made my tea, pasta, soy sauce, vegetables and fruit to finish.  Yummy. Had my shower then me and Carl headed to the beach with our two bottles of beer to finish the night off.
We both bought a little kite a couple of days ago, we tried to fly them but the wind was too slow.  Next time.  
We got our mobiles out and started to play some really cool tunes to suit the sunset.  Just look at the images, what soundtrack would you have in your head?  Again we were the only people and we really were the only people in this beautiful bay.  
We decided that tomorrow is going to be a century day (one hundred miles) so we can bag a rest day in San Fran where we hope to reach in about nine days.  If we do hundred tomorrow it means we are only about 30 miles from the Californian border which will be another milestone passed.  To make sure we have a nice comfortable century to allow for photo stops etc we are going to get up at 0600 and set off for 0700.
My rolling community is really cool.  We have a couple of French Canadian lads with us they are 18 and 19 years old, they have never done anything like this before and they are just adorable, and ladies I am sure you will agree really cool.  They are so sweet cause they don’t realise how cool they are, I am adopting them as my French speaking sons.
Carl is a cool dude.  He knows a lot of stuff about bikes and we have lots of similar interests so it feels kinda easy riding some long miles together.  

Well dudes. It is 2304.  Gotta get up in a bit.  We are about 130 miles from California and I am gonna smash the ass of this road tomorrow.  Got my oatmeal and honey ready. Lets go for it!

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