Canada to Mexico Day 12

OK, Well today started slow.  As you know I was waiting for my bike shop to open so I could get my clothes washed.  It did not open till 1000 so I went to the coffee shop and used their WiFi to get you a few images.
The bike shop was cool!  Bike Newport.  Let us go upstairs and use their showers, washer and dryer.  We did not even need to supply our own liquid or.  It did take a big chunk of the day though.  But I said to the guys that I am hanging round with at the mo, as they were getting their bikes fixed.  “You can’t expect to be riding from 0700 till 1800 everyday without doing your chores”.  You still got to wash things and visit shops for food, this is not a package tour, we sort ourselves out, which means we also have jobs to do.
I left the bike shop with Carl.  It is kinda strange cause there are others doing the route and you become a mobile community, helping each other out etc.  And even if you leave camp at a different time you will probably see them at the next state campsite if they have planned to do a similar amount of miles.  If not you become someone else’s community and the family grows.  Its like “How do you know them?” and you tell them you travelled with them till this town etc and the family grows, really cool.
Today was another day filled with fog and it was up in the hills scorcho, but go down in the hill cold fog.  I went to see the Sea Lion Caves with Carl and it was very freeking windy.  

It was a day to battle on and get your miles in, so we did.  We got to camp and two girls came over and asked us to their patch for beer and a fire.  We got to their pitch late cause we got showered and changed had our tea they were just about putting the fire out.  We were in time for them to remedy the situ and they got the fire back on track.  We had a few beers and a chat and it was really nice.  They both lived in Vancouver Canada, one a teacher, Jennifer and one a ER nurse, Jenelle.  It was a really good evening and a lot of fun.  

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