Canada to Mexico Day 11

Can’t believe that I am just up yo day 11 and I have another 30 odd of this stuff!  I still have to reach the state of Calafornia and the Redwood Giants, San Fran, LA, San Diego.  Each day though you just do your bit.  60 odd mile each day and Mexico will come to me.  The thing is I think I don’t ever want to reach it cause it means I will be near coming home!

This morning I left Cape Look Out.  A gorgeous campsite, right on the beach.  All the normal campsite service again a state park so it only cost $6 which is about £3.  Cool.  This is a really cheap way on travelling.  Once you have the air fair out the way you can do everything else on a shoe string.

Out of the campsite there was a big hill that all the bikers on the site were a bit concerned about.  Being from Yorkshire.  I got up and did my bit.  Up to the top.  Through the fog.  Then got that image that always looks good.  The one where you are on top above the clouds.  The compact does not do it justice though, everything seems so far away though that lens.

I was riding towards a bay Called Depoe Bay and it is known for trapping sea fog at this time of the year and today was one of those days.  When you cycled above the fog you were in blue skies, red hot.  Then the road would come down and you would enter this really really cold fog.

I got to this cafe called the Village Cafe and had my breakfast, omelette, fruit and toast.  All for $7.  But I did not even pay.  A couple of ladies I were chatting to on the opposite table said they would foot the bill.  How lovely! 

On the road I bumped into a couple, how do I put it politely, a bit more mature than me and they have been on the road for four years. They have been all over.  Their blog details are below if you are interested. 

Esther Tacke / Warren Sanders

Further on up the road I bumped into a guy called Jesse.  He was doing the Trans America route.  East Coast to West Coast.  Been at it for 80 days.  He was so cool!  I started thinking why American girls are meant to like the English accent etc, cause some of these American dudes have their shit together.  Jesse had the cool tats, the dreads a cool bushy beard.  The cool thing about guys like him is they are not up their own ass at all and they make you feel like you are the coolest thing on the planet.  Such a nice man.  He was so excited cause he was from the East Coast and he was about to see the sea again since leaving home.  I told him about the campsite that I stopped at then he was even more excited.  Funny!

If you were looking at FB you will have realised I tried to find places with WiFi but with little joy. But I have uploaded the images now so that is cool.

The campsite, again, was on the beach, again was only $6, again had all the services you would expect from a site.  Just like the ones you find in France etc.  This was called Beverley Beach State Park.

I met a another guy called Mike in the bar where I had my tea.  He was from Florida, 67 years old I think he said.  He was a roadie and enjoyed taking bike with me.  We exchanged details cause he is massive into kayaking and he is doing a tour of the Colorado River.  He said I need to stay in touch cause if I do the East Coast next year he will sort me out and do a little stretch with me.  He is also going to sort me out with contacts in Colorado, he said it is the state I should move to.  All year round activities.  He has me sold!

Next trip I know what to bring gadget wise.  A digital SLR cause they can do video as well, a small netbook or tablet and the GoPro.  Thats all you need.  And if you can’t charge it by USB leave the bloody thing at home.

All the chargers I doing my head in.  I have also got focused on keeping my Strava up to date.  But I am going to forget about that know since I lost about 40 miles when I forgot to restart it.  I know I am going to do a freaking load of miles and thats all that matters 🙂

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