Canada to Mexico Day 9

Miles Today = 66
Total Miles = 459
Some WiFi in Maci D’s.
I left my hosts Kim and Steve this morning it seems like a decade ago, which is the really strange thing.  All the days seem to blend in as one, it is mental, things that happened just that morning seem a few days ago and you have to really think, ‘which town did I start from today?’.  It is messing with the mind in a good way.
They are such nice people I feel so lucky to have met them.  I got the little ferry from Cathlamet to Westport.  Then cycled to Astoria and it was beautiful.  I went to the bike shop to make sure I had enough tubes and patches and they recommended the shop next door for coffee and lunch, it was gorgeous.  But, I went back to my bike and it had a flat again.  Now, I run Gatorskins, they are the goto tyre for puncture prevention, but mine have had a run, they did all of France and been used everyday for the commute.  Plus I had run them square.  What I liked was the guy in the bike shop said you are running an amazing tyre, I know that cause they are a PedalSport recommendation.  Over here you ride in the hard shoulder constantly and it is full of crap. So he said the only thing that might be better that what you have are the GatorSkin Hardshell.  A little bit heavier, but he only had the 23mm not the 25mm that I was running, so with a nice fine point to ride on the extra weight won’t make a difference and the fact they are not square made a massive improvement.  Plus I just feel more confident, cause these shoulders are just crazy with debris in places.
The bike shop suggested that I go up to the tower for the view, shit that was a climb. Seen the hills in San Fran, well double it. That steep that when I did make it to the tower, they were shouting from the car “well done, you stud”.  Always makes you feel you good. 
The view was truly amazing. I am running out of words to explain the way I feel being here.  It is the most amazing place and the people are so cool.  Everyone is just so interested and interesting and friendly.  
I got some advice and they said ride to Seaside to sea the view “if you know what I mean”.  I knew what he meant.  G thongs everywhere, macho guys with muscles doing their stuff.  It was worth a view 🙂  but I was told Canon Beach 10 mile further is beautiful without the crowd.  It was just pure class.  Seaside is the last town before the whole state on the coast is a National Park.  So everything from now is just going to be empty beaches, cool towns nice places to eat.
WOW, WOW WOW!  Honestly words cannot explain!  If you go anywhere, go by bike and go to the West Coast USA and make sure you head to the Oregon Coast. I have learnt so much about the way it is due to laws being pass to protect this part of the coast, which make this the gem of the USA coastline.  I have learnt about the dudes Lewis and Clark that were given commissioned to go from the East to the West to find out what was on the other side.  It is just amazing!  The images from today will blow your mind away. 
I don’t want to be anywhere else!  I have set up camp in Canon Beach, had a beautiful meal in this place. I had a sea food stew crabs legs hang in out everywhere.  Just beaut. That is another stereo type I would like to dismiss.  On the West Coast, so far there are no massive portions, no over weight people.  Everyone is just darn right gorgeous and in the main eat well and exercise all the time, there is no binge drinking, or fatty foods anywhere.  In fact could put quite a lot of other places to shame.
…………. and the prices, well!!!
I have done about 66 miles today.  I am just in heaven cause I am on two wheels powering myself down this beautiful coast. I am smelling it, hearing it and feeling every little bump through my ass.
I am sorry but you will have to wait for the pics.  The wifi is too small will give you a taster on FB.
Met a couple of Mikes today and and a Don that gave me some lovely friendly advice.

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