Canada to Mexico Day 10

Today I cycled from Canon Beach. What a night, good food lovely campsite with full amenities all for £3. The beaches around here are just deserted, and the best you will see anywhere in the world.  How come people don’t know about them?  And just automatically think California is the place to go.  I did not know about the beaches here at all!! 
I got a breakfast at a place called The Lazy Susan. I went for the special which was salmon omelette, friend and a muffin.  Very nice.
Set off on my way.  Passing beautiful coastline and moutons after beautiful coastline and mountains.
On one of the climbs I met a cool Harley rider with is lass.  I got chatting to him. His name is Tom, an ex marine.  We took photos so we did not have to do selfies.  He told me about some caves I need to make sure I see around Florance and he told me about a mile long zip wire through the Redwood Forest.  If I see the signs I am going for it.  What was really cool where his parting words.  “Dylan, I don’t have the time for people in the city that where all the cycling stuff like you, but you dude, I scan tell from your legs. You ride Man!!!”
I went on  bit further and bumped into a dude called Carl/Karl?  He is from England doing the same coast.  We rode the second half of the day together. Stopping for some lunch in Oceanside and we set up camp at Cape Lookout. The pitch is right on the beach. We went down to the beach to watch the sunset and have a couple of beers.  A few more dudes joined us and we had help from a young lad called Liam to set up the fire.   

The images from today will take your breath away.  Whatever you do in your life.  Even if you do not want to cycle.  Camp, hotel, whatever you want, but come to the Oregon Coast and have a beach to yourself like you have never seen before.

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