Canada to Mexico Day 8

Miles Today = 77
Total Miles = 393

Oh my word this has been a day of two halves!!

First off I would just like to thank David and Ardeth for their lovely hospitality.  I left their house at about 0800.  Knowing that I had a long day ahead of me.  David prepared me two easy eggs on toast and I was on my way.

The weather forecast was meant to be good but it was really cloudy or foggy when I set off, David said that it would probably burn away.  He was correct.  I spent a couple of hours wondering if I should take my jacket off because it looked like it was coming through, then it went cloudy again.  But by lunch sun, sun, sun and it is hot, it makes the whole experience feel completely different.  When you are in a different unknown country and that fog and rain is out your mind plays tricks with you and you are paranoid cause everything feels so daunting.  But as soon as that sun is out everyone has a happy face.

The route today took me along a beautiful stretch called Columbia River.  The road went right alongside it for ages.  There was a strong headwind but you don’t mind as much when that sun is out. Some of the hills today reminded me of an Alpine Pass and the riding was hard.  It was up and down all the way along.  I am the sort of rider that can climb a mountain pass no problem, just get me to the bottom I will find my pace and get top the top no problem at all.  But I hate undulating roads that just have little hills up and little hills down.  They just take it out of me, the head wind did not help cause you just felt there was no point in trying to get momentum for the up cause it was hard getting down. Hey ho, I am not complaining at all, just look at the pictures, how can you complain when your on two wheels in this beauty!

I got to Cathlamet, the town of my host and saw a lovely little bistro so I stopped for a coke and a home made maple bar which was just what I needed at that point.  I was a little early for my host so I just sat outside the bistro for an hour.  As soon as I jumped on my bike I had another flat.  In the sun that is not even a problem, I sat down on the road and took my time, no rush as all.  This area is just unbelievable, it is so picture postcard.

I got to my hosts, Kim and Steve.  Kim a retired nurse and Steve a retired building contractor.  Kim is from Houston, Texas and lovely!  Their home is out of this world, I did not think you could have a home like this, surly it is just reserved for movie stars!  It is right on the Columbia River and the views are amazing.  It the images you will see my guest room which is divine and some of the house, when you sit at the kitchen and see the view as you eat you need to pinch yourself.  As soon as I arrived I could not of been made to feel more welcome.  I had a shower, Kim made me a beautiful meal of salad, bread, pasta and tomato sauce and I am currently eating the pie that she picked berries for today.

I mentioned before that the micro brewer thing over here is massive and Steve started making beer at home as a hobby.  Two other guys heard about the popularity of his brew and wanted to start making beer as a business.  Well, this just took off big time and now they have a spot in town which is like nothing I have seen before.  They only serve whatever they brew, so no guest beers, no wine or anything else.  But the really cool part is that it is made in space you get served and it looks so cool and has such a good atmosphere.  When I rocked up they had seven beers on and being the type of people they are I could try all seven and pick my fave to have as a pint, so I did.  I mentioned before about the strength of the beer down here.  I took a picture of the sign, you can see that a couple of them are over 7% and this seems to be the norm on the West Coast.

Tomorrow I get the ferry into Oregon.  So tomorrows ride has a three landmarks.  The first I leave and venture into a new state.  Goodbye to Washington, hello Oregon.  The second I  move on to the second map of five.  The third I go visit the house from Goonies in Astoria where Chuck did the truffle shuffle.

I am having an amazing time.  Thank you to all the hosts from you are making this one cool trip cause you just get a better feel for the area you are in and the generosity has been mind blowing.

From tomorrow I do not have any warm shower contacts lined up so I will be camping again.  This does free me up a little bit as I don’t have to feel like I need to make a set distance each day which is cool.  My next warm shower contact is Carmen in Bandon and I just need to make sure I am there for the 1st of August.  Excellent!


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